Zane Isaacs




Zane Isaacs is a long time student of Sifu Rodney Hitchcock. He has studied with him since 1999. Zane is a Level 3 Triad Jeet Kune Do student. He is also a rank 4 in American Scientific Combat, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in American Street Karate and Combat Ju Jitsu under Sifu Rodney. Zane is just one of those fun guys that will, if nothing else, keep things interesting. We are proud to have him share his knowledge with us, and our fight team here at Shodown MMA. Zane has learned from one of the best and is more that willing to help out when he can. He along with Sifu Rodney Hitchcock, are our senior guest instructors.


*Zane also likes long walks on the beach, comic books, and has recently discovered he likes pastrami sandwiches*