Chuck Dale




Chuck Dale is a nationally certified fitness trainer from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Since the age of five, he has been involved with team sports such as football, baseball, basketball and track and field. He also participated in many individual sports as a youth, including martial arts, powerlifting, swimming, cycling and running, most of which he continues to compete in and enjoy to this day.


A fitness trainer since the age of nineteen, Chuck has worked with people of all ages and athletic abilities, from the beginner to the professional. He has been seen in sports documentaries such as “Running the Sahara,” “Running America 08,” and “The Distance of Truth.”


Chuck is a retired veteran of the United States Air Force and a former deputy sheriff for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in Riverside, California. He now spends much of his time sharing the knowledge he gained through his life and career. Chuck’s goal for himself and others is to be “fit for life because life WILL throw curves at us, and we MUST be prepared when it does!’


Happy Training!