Chance Farley



Head Trainer

Head Coach and Owner of Shodown MMA, Chance Farley stands at 6’3” 205lbs. His fighting experience goes back a ways, starting with his training as a young teen in Kimpo and Gung Fu under Monty Atchley, where he reached the level of purple belt. He also studied Boxing and Jeet Kune Do under Emerson Kelly from age 16-18 in Waldron, AR. Chance, while dedicated to mainly training his team, has also started to compete in the cage. He currently holds the 185lbs title belt for Xtreme Fighting Inc. out of Ft. Smith, AR. He plans to defend his 185lbs belt then go on to fight at the 205lbs weight class. Chance’s dream is to ultimately build his success as a coach and to help other young people fulfill their dreams in MMA. For him, fighting is a way of bringing more attention and business to Shodown MMA. Being able to help youths in the same way he was helped by his coaches and sensei, makes it worth all the effort.

When you come to Shodown we will tell you what to do to hit your goals, your commitment level will determine if you hit those goals or not. We are a team; we are like family. God first, honor, respect, strength, and discipline second and always.