William Walker

As our experienced pro fighter, William Walker stands at 6’1” 155lbs and brings so much talent to the Shodown Fight Team. We couldn’t ask for a more humble, honorable young man to aid in our training and support our gym. William’s amateur record is 10-0-1. The 1 is for a draw that was the result of his very first fight. His pro record is 4-2. His first loss was in a fight with Johnny Wester, which William attributes as his hardest fight. His second loss was to Bobby Taylor due to premature stoppage. There was a rematch with Bobby and William won by Tapout. Most of William’s Training was at Hitchcock Martial Arts in Waldron, AR, as well as training with Team Ronin in Van Buren, AR. We are very pleased that William now trains with us here at Shodown MMA. He has been with us since we opened in May of 2013.   Williams fight styles are JKD and non-classical grappling. He also holds a brown belt in Combat Jujitsu. William Is Sponsored by Dray Enterprises here in Booneville, AR. He currently holds a 170lbs championship belt for Hit Em Hard of Ft. Smith, AR and a 155lbs Championship belt for Xtreme Fighting Inc., also in Ft. Smith AR.

Shodown is a great place to train. They have a wonderful group of coaches and fighters that will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. The facility is a clean friendly and fun environment that promotes hard work and discipline.

Tyler Jones

Tyler Beowulf Jones, This kids got what it takes! We love Tyler and his entourage. Standing at 6’1” 155lbs he packs the talent of a seasoned MMA fighter. His amateur record is 5-1. We’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg and know there is much more to come. As a soon to be father we know he will push the pace to be his little man’s hero, and is well on his way. His latest fight with Bub Bogan, was a test of his talents and he prevailed as the new 170lbs champion for Xtreme Fighting Inc. of Ft. Smith, AR. Tyler has been with us since our doors opened in May of 2013. Tyler is “The Peoples Champ” kind of guy, and we are proud to have him as part of the Shodown Fight Team!

Shodown will change your life and make you the champion you truly want to be. There is no gym with warriors such as our own.

James Williamson

As one of the newest members of our fight team, James is a committed, respectful young man. He stands at 5’6” tall and fights at 155lbs currently. James served our country for four years in the USMC and has since been pushing towards his amateur MMA career. He began his MMA training with American Top Team Gym and The Hardcore Gym in Athens George. He studied BJJ up to the green belt level under Roberto Travern & Adam Singer, along with wrestling in high school. We are proud to say he has been with Team Shodown now for seven months and is definitely an asset to our team. His first amateur fight was Jan. 24th 2015. His training and dedication paid off as he dominated the cage. There is much more to come from James Williamson so stay tuned!

Shodown is a great place to be. It’s a very family oriented place. The MMA team is made up of all great folks. I can workout, learn to defend myself, and tan all in one fun atmosphere. I love being here! Chance and Kayla are here to help you succeed and you can tell.

Chance Farley

Head Coach and Owner of Shodown MMA, Chance Farley stands at 6’3” 205lbs. His fighting experience goes back a ways, starting with his training as a young teen in Kimpo and Gung Fu under Monty Atchley, where he reached the level of purple belt. He also studied Boxing and Jeet Kune Do under Emerson Kelly from age 16-18 in Waldron, AR. Chance, while dedicated to mainly training his team, has also started to compete in the cage. He currently holds the 185lbs title belt for Xtreme Fighting Inc. out of Ft. Smith, AR. He plans to defend his 185lbs belt then go on to fight at the 205lbs weight class. Chance’s dream is to ultimately build his success as a coach and to help other young people fulfill their dreams in MMA. For him, fighting is a way of bringing more attention and business to Shodown MMA. Being able to help youths in the same way he was helped by his coaches and sensei, makes it worth all the effort.

When you come to Shodown we will tell you what to do to hit your goals, your commitment level will determine if you hit those goals or not. We are a team; we are like family. God first, honor, respect, strength, and discipline second and always.


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