Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts




Mixed Martial Arts Class in Booneville, Arkansas

Free Introductory MMA Classes

Monday 5p and Thursday 6p
In this class you will learn the basics. We’ll cover foot work, how to throw punches, how to block punches, and really just get a taste of what is to come if you choose to proceed with MMA training.

Mixed Martial Arts Arkansas

Beginner MMA Classes

Monday-Friday 6:30p-9p
After signing up with us, you will be attending our beginner’s MMA classes. In these classes you will be making the techniques you have learned a habit, an automatic response. Training your body to respond automatically is key to your future in this sport. You will be grappling and learning many kinds of maneuvers that are attributed to several different Martial Arts Styles such as Kempo, Gung Fu, and Jeet Kune Do.

Advanced MMA Classes

Monday-Friday 6:30p-9p
In these classes you will be engaging more with an opponent on a regular basis. This is where you will be preparing for your amateur fighting career, if you choose to compete. Making it to this level, showing up to class, and showing you are committed is a must. Your cardio has to be on a pro-level for competition because we want you to do your best. Not showing up to class will result in fights being canceled. As your coach Chance Farley will evaluate you and let you know when he feels you’re ready to compete. This is your chance, so don’t let yourself down! Supporting your team and doing your best is how we show respect for each other. At this level you should know how to and behave with honor and respect. This includes when you are at an event fighting or just representing the Shodown MMA Fight Team. Honor, Respect, Strength and Discipline ALWAYS!